Vein Finder

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A portable device that contains a (Light Emittion Diod) is a red light. The device is activated by batteries AAA ALKA line.
Vein finder device to show the passage of vessels used on the tissue.

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– Prevent the entry of liquid into the device.
– Battery jet miscellaneous activate the device not only use AAA ALKA line.
– Do not charge non-rechargeable batteries.
– To clean the device use a cloth soaked in diluted alcohol.
– To replace the batteries open rear sliding door and replace the batteries with new batteries need to unlock the device screw is not.
– At the same time, both the battery and replace the old battery with a new battery to avoid.

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– Batteries in your place.
– Key ON / OFF button until the LED is turned on.
– The device on a flat surface such as a mattress your baby so that the LED is upward.
– While the baby’s hand holding keys vessel locator device put on the lens.
It is better to lower the IV catheter into the examination room lights and turn off the device.

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